Y-DNA BAM Analysis Summary

Approx. HG Sample ID Surname Origin Callable pRegion Low Coverage Poor Alignment Y-DNA % Read Len Insert Len Median Depth Aligned Reads Test Type Histogram

Definition of column headers

Callable - The total number of sites sequenced with 4 or more reads. Each read has less than 10% likelihood of being misaligned.

pRegion - The callable sites occurring Poznik et al. (2013), Sequencing Y Chromosomes Resolves Discrepancy in Time to Common Ancestor of Males Versus Females. Retrieved Feb 17, 2018 from Science. These regions are a superset of the combBED used by Adamov's group. The sites include areas outside of Big Y's targetted sequencing regions.

Low Coverage - The sites having less than four total reads. These areas cannot be called reliably using automation, but may contain valuable information after manual inspection.

Poor Coverage - The sites having more than four reads, but the aligner indicates a high likelihood the results may not be correct.

Y-DNA % - The percentage of the known GRCh38 human Y chromosome with at least a single read.

Read Len - The number of bases in reads delivered by the lab. Longer lengths allow more accurate alignment, but increase the likelihood of sequencing errors.

Insert Len - The estimated size of the DNA fragment in the library. Aligners use the insert length to find the best fit for the pair on the reference genome. This number should be more than twice as long as the read length for paired-end reads to minimize overlap.

Median Depth - The median depth of reads aligned to GRCh38 chrY. For a WGS test the number should be approximately 50% of advertised sequencing depth due to there only being one copy of the Y chromosome.

Aligned Reads - The number of reads aligned to the Y chromosome.