The Y-DNA Warehouse is a free community initiative to allow collection sequencing results of the human genome. Members can upload and combine their sequencing results from labs such as 23andMe, AncestryDNA, FamilyTreeDNA, Full Genomes Corporation, YSEQ or one of the many newer WGS providers. A suite of tools is in development to help allow members learn more about what was found in these tests individually through a match messaging system or enrolling in anonymized studies.

The primary goal is to construct a public YSNP Tree that is not owned by a single testing entity. The resulting branches and anonymized taxon data is made available via public APIs, which may be used for any purpose with proper attribution. To ensure as wide of population as possible is included, our citizen scientists routinely add samples from academic references for comparison.

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Help us learn more the ancestry and movements of human populations by joining your results to the men from all over the world.

Most Distant Known Ancestor Origins Map